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Challenges Of Being Wheelchair-Bound And How Portable Wheelchair Can Help!

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Disabled and injured people commonly use wheelchairs. While healthy people have the luxury of moving their arms and legs at whatever pace they desire, injured and disabled people need a wheelchair to help them move from one place to another.

Challenges and Their Solutions

1) A need of Extra Pair of Hands

There is the weight of wheelchair and on top of that, is the weight of the person whom one has to carry to different places. You need to push (use force) the chair to make it move.

If you are not using force, the person sitting in the wheelchair is probably using pedals or manually working his way through wheel rotation

A portably powered wheelchair would help move a person, effortlessly. Charge it via batteries and you will not need the necessity of an extra pair of hands. You will become independent and people will like you too, considering how manual wheelchair handlers are complaining about too much work.

2) Less Space

A wheelchair cannot fit inside a child’s pocket. It has its particular dimensions of height, length, width, and area.

What if that wheelchair is to become portable? Won’t that be cool? A utility squeezed into a smaller area which you can carry anywhere in the world.

A portable power wheelchair is handy in nature. Being reduced in size, it can be taken anywhere. Parks, plains, long walk – everything is now possible with portability.

3) Rotation Made Easy

Manual wheelchairs are difficult to rotate. You need to look sideways and spend questionable time on rotating tires to see how they will affect the rotation of the chair.

With a portable power wheelchair, the rotation is made easy. You can go around with a gentle touch to controls and you will be much faster than manual steering.

4) Use of Energy

Energy is needed to make materials work. Either you transmit mechanical energy to manually rotate wheels which help move a chair or with the help of electric controls, you get to move a wheelchair.

In both cases, energy is being utilized but the latter solution is favored by everyone, considering no hard work is being involved.

Also, manual work has limited capacity. Your hands will start to feel pain after some time and they won’t help move the wheelchair as efficiently as time progresses, but with electric wheelchairs, you are not doing any strenuous mechanical work. Just press the controls and voila – your wheelchair will move.

5) Driving on Different Terrains

If you are driving on roads, terrains, indoors or outdoors – all of these terrains are different. It is harder to travel via manual wheelchair. Think about traveling on a footpath and then slowly moving your hands to shift towards a lowered plain road.

What if you are using a portable power wheelchair? Press the controls, increase or decrease the speed and travel.

Shifting between terrains has never been easier. After your smooth drive, you can fold your wheelchair and put it someplace safe.

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