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Top 3 Free Cloud Storage To Store And Protect Your Medical Images

by FreelancersPBN

Medical images are no more restricted in the enterprise-based instrument software. Now, for better interpretability, health care facilities archive the images in cloud storage.

Before choosing the proper storage for your personal or professional use, look at the best three of the market.

1. postDICOM

This free cloud storage for medical image is one of the best in the market. Not only medical professionals but the general users also prefer this DICOM images cloud. They all like the user-friendly interface and feature.

You will get 50GB space FREE. This space will be sufficient to store or upload your DICOM format images. Moreover, you can also save the medical documents in it.


The cloud storage has a secure sharing feature. Thus, your doctor or another specialist can see radiology images and reports. The HTML5 viewer will display those images with clarity and precision. This multi-platform viewer can work on Windows, Linux, and Mac OSX system.

The storage works on multiple platforms. Thus, you can sit on your laptop, PC, or tablet and access the images. No matter which location you access the storage, do not worry about security and privacy. It is all safe.

2. boxDICOM

The storage service is a modern introduction of Box Provider Solution. It is DICOM viewer online and an appropriate platform to upload and share medical images in DICOM format. Thus, you can archive all your X-Ray, CT scan, MRI, and even ECG.

This platform allows both patients and healthcare professionals to share image and medical data. Your referred physician can see all your radiology images from anywhere.


This cloud solution allows you to view your clinical images and reports in DICOM format using any web browser. All the credit goes to the intuitive DICOM online viewer.

Medical images used to be stored in the instrument-associated software. However, cloud storage systems like boxDICOM bridge the gap between the radiologist and specialist physicians. It brings the images directly from the instrument to the viewer.

This FDA approved storage solutions comply with HIPAA requirements. Moreover, you do not have to install any additional software for it.

3. Zurili

Do you need unlimited storage for your clinical data? I am sure some of you do. Then get Zurili. This European cloud storage for medical images comes with FREE unlimited space.

You can store all your images in DICOM format. Furthermore, those images could be directly accessed through any devices, including a smartphone. This is highly adaptable with any internet speed. Therefore, you can easily access the data with the same ease from a mega city or countryside.


No matter what web-based viewer you use, Zurili is compatible with all of them. This ensures a blazing fast display of clinical images through the web or installed the viewer. The only thing you have to do is to connect Zurili with your viewer.

Image uploading is like a breeze with Zurili. Drag and drop the images in the box. The storage will take care of the rest. The faster your internet quickest the images will be on the cloud.

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