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When To Stop Breastfeeding – Am I Doing It Right?

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When it comes to breastfeeding everyone tells you how it’s the best thing for your baby and your own health, how you should start right away, and how breastmilk can boost the baby’s immune system. But what they don’t tell you, is when to stop, or how to let your baby let it go. Well, you will get the real information here.

When your baby turns six months old, the breast milk will not be enough for him, he will need more in terms of formulas and food. If you feel your milk isn’t enough you should start formula milk along with breast milk. This is a good time to start formula. Formulas come in every kind, be sure to choose the right one, organic formulas such as HiPP organic formula can help accelerate your baby’s immune system as breast-milk does.

So, when exactly is the time to wean your baby off? There is no right answer for this but according to some experts when your baby turns one it’s time to let go. But it always depends on how ready you and your baby are ready to let go. There are many other reasons mothers give up breastfeeding. Following may be some reasons:

  1. Not Producing Sufficient Milk

There are times when some mothers don’t get enough milk to feed the baby, this can leave the baby unsatisfied and agitated. The best way to feed your baby full is to start him on formula, preferably organic formula. Many companies in the market have organic formulas like HiPP organic formula. When your baby is comfortable with the formulas you can successfully discourage him on breastfeeding.

  1. Baby Loses Interest

When you start giving your baby options like fruit and vegetable purees. Your baby can lose interest in breast milk. If this is the case, then you can put your baby on formula and stop breastfeeding without any effort.

  1. Mothers Health

There are times when a mother needs to let go of breastfeeding due to her depleting health. A weak mother cannot breastfeed for longer unless she gets proper medicine, food, and care. If proper care isn’t available then the mother has to stop abruptly.

  1. Working Mothers

Working mothers get maternity leave but when that ends, they need to get back to work. Going back to work means you will need to stop or limit breastfeeding to a certain level. You can’t do it overnight so, start by limiting the supply and start the baby on the formula. This will help the baby to let go.

There Are Many Reasons to Sop, But How Do You?

There are many tricks like starting German baby formula and building that up, babies need breast milk not only when they are hungry but also when they want the closeness or comfort of their mother. When your baby is fully fed and still wants to cuddle, distract him a bit and he will forget that he needed feeding.

It’s never easy to stop breastfeeding, but this not impossible.

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