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How to Update Your Kitchen?

by FreelancersPBN

Hate it when after a tiring day at work you have to go to your same old kitchen that looks as old as a seventy-year-old lady? Boring and dull. (Now I know why my food is always messed up, it’s the kitchen that’s the main culprit. Just kidding! I’m a good cook.)

How about making a few changes to it, which are lighter on the pocket and don’t require you to rob a bank? Let’s start!

1. Change Layout

The first option we have is to change the layout of the kitchen, same old stuff but a different setting. This new setting is the most convenient option, it wouldn’t even require any spending and would also be perceived as something new and different by your mind.

2. Painting Cabinets Dark Colors

Is your kitchen cabinet also 8-10 years old just like mine? And their condition, they’re worn out paint makes you hate opening them? Don’t worry I won’t suggest replacing them! (So, you can continue reading). When running low on budget and looking for a solution to upgrade those ugly cabinets, consider the option of painting them in a darker color. This way you can go days without cleaning them too. This new dark color will be appealing and will be something different compared to if you switch from white to a cream color. Trust me this will make about 40% of the change you’re wanting.

3. Paint Walls

Need to do more changes? How about changing the paint of the walls? No? Then maybe add a few small frames with cooking quotes?

4. Managing Utensils and Daily Items

Want to make cooking a wonderful experience? How about decorating a few of your pretty utensils which are locked behind the cabinet doors. The best idea is to hammer a utensil hanging rack on the wall above the counter top. Then how about corralling a few everyday used things like olive oil, salt, and pepper shakers, honey, sriracha sauce and etc. on a woven tray and placing them neatly on that shiny countertop. For added decoration, you can also decorate your different sized cutting boards.

5. Under-Cabinet Lighting

To add a little brighter touch to your kitchen so that you actually feel motivated to cook and so make your hubster happy you can opt for under cabinet lighting. This will add a little drama to your setting and added lighting would mean fewer cuts on your finger while chopping those veggies off. Finally, a cut off in Band-Aids use. The lighting options could range from stick-on LED battery operated versions to puck lights.

6. Make Space for More Space!

Running out of space? To store that extra grocery, you bought? How about adding storage by adding a few open shelves? This will also give a new look to your seventy-year-old lady (kitchen). These shelves would only require hammering a few wooden planks on empty walls.

Also, cleaning the kitchen frequently is vital. When you are done cleaning, do use a garbage disposal service, you can search ‘garbage disposal services near me’ for removing the junk.

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