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Buying A Used Car: Here Is a Checklist to Follow

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While buying a used car it might be a bit less of a hassle. But, you should get all the paper works in line when you make the payment. You can buy a car from a dealership or an individual but you need to be sure of all the details of that car. You can find car info using any online tool available there.

In either case, some particular documents require transferring under your name. As a result, ensure you get the following papers consecutively when buying a used car.

So, before you look for “find paint code,” go through the below topics to know the checklist of buying a used car. If you follow it, you’ll not find you in any issue to drive your car on the road.

Registration Certificate

All the essential details relevant to the vehicle, including the VIN, engine number, and chassis number, is given by the Registration Certificate (RC). The older cars will have the RC book, while a smart card is available for the newer cars.

It also lists the particulars of the owner, registration number, color, etc. It would be best if you verified whether the car fits all the details on the RC. Some updates, such as the engine or color, must also be changed on the RC.


When driving on the roads, the vehicle has to be insured. The insurance will have to assign to you in your signature. You will have to buy a new premium on the vehicle if the car insurance has expired.

And it leaves you to get a decent rate for the car while still lowering the car’s selling price. Make sure you apply for a third party contract for your vehicle before heading for car insurance renewal.

Road Tax Receipt

The road tax will charge if the first owner registered the vehicle as it was new. To prevent fines, make sure that the first purchaser has charged the road tax, which may cost more than the vehicle itself. For most vehicle records, you need to get the initial receipt of the road fee.

Car Purchase Invoice

The dealer will submit the initial car buying invoice after the new car has bought. When buying from a dealer, under his company name, he will even supply you with a fresh car purchasing invoice.

In the event of an individual’s purchase, you must request a selling receipt properly signed by the owner that conveys the selling complete with full payment made.

Service Book

Right from the repair plan to the notification of any injuries, the repair book will include the car’s whole history. The next service date and sections that were altered on the car would also be listed. A car with a full record of operation is a more common purchase.

Dual Fuel Certification

If you are buying a vehicle with an LPG or CNG aftermarket tank, ensure that the accompanying dual fuel registration and RTO no-objection certificate confirm that the vehicle is safe and legal to operate on both fuels. For the selling receipt of the mounted tank, you need to ask the seller.

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