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4 Best Cold Air Intake Systems for Your Car

by FreelancersPBN

Any Bench racer, forum fanatic, or any car lover would tell you to install a cold air intake system for your car. Cold air intake systems drastically boost horsepower, twist torque and even increase MPGs. This is a simple and relatively cheap way of enhancing your car’s performance. It won’t set you back thousands and thousands for performance boosting mods. 

The easy installation method for this cheap mod is loved by everyone in the automotive industry. Because of this, there are a lot of different air intake systems in the market. Most times if you ask people what is the best cold air intake system everyone would give you different answers. So here is an extensive list for you to choose from. These cold air intake systems are the best in the market. Choose which ones fit your need the most.

K&N FIPK Air Intake

This K&N FIPK Air Intake is a beast. It has a Parabolic diverter chamber that makes the boosts your car’s velocity while also maintaining a smooth flow. One great thing about this intake system other than performance is the fact that it is CARB exempt. This means that this little component is legal in all 50 states. 

The K&N FIPK Air Intake system gives you asphalt chewing torque and eye-popping horsepower with the coast to coast power gain. The air intake system has a crosslink-nylon tube that keeps the air frosty and cold. It also houses an amazing cotton-gauze air filter for wide airflow and maximum protection. They also have a limited million-mile warranty on the part.

Airaid Intake System

Basically more air means more power. That’s simple science. Airaid has taken this simple science and modified it for your use. They have made sure that you have free reign on how you want your cold air intake system to function. You can use an oil filter for the air intake system or a dry filter for your system. 

You have full control of the mod. This comes with 2 stage performance and you can choose your course of action according to your demand. Made in the USA the company offers a lifetime warranty on the air intake system.

K&N 63 Series Air Charger High-Flow Intake Kit

The 63 series is the precursor to the FIPK series. This merch is a hot product in the market. With amazing performance scores all over the board, it stands out from the competition. This air intake system has an oversized cotton-gauge air intake filter along with a Crosslink nylon intake tube. This means maximum air flow and the air stays frosty all the time. The million-mile warranty comes with this model as well. 

Injen SP Series Cold Air Intake

So the SP series from Injen is all about feeding your car power. This air intake system fits right behind the front grille. This means that it can supply your engine with the coldest densest air possible. So your car’s power plant has the best possible air available all the time. 

Injen used their very own Mega Ram Technology to shape the tubes. This allowed them to make a tube that assures maximum length with the bends not affecting the airflow by much. They used T-6061 aluminum to build this air intake system. This aluminum is aerospace-grade and very lightweight. This makes it highly durable and pretty easy to fit. So you can see why this is one of the best air intake systems in the market.

Researching The Market

So there you go, my choice for the best 4 cold air intake system in the market. These, however, are not the only good ones in the market. There are plenty of air intake system kits that come with a vast range of air intake filters. Look for the ones that suit your need the best. Research the market and buy the best. Your car will appreciate it.

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