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Online Auto Parts Shopping Tips


The online shopping sphere has exploded in the last decade or two. You can find almost everything online. Any service or product you want, you can find online. This explosion has done wonders for the automotive industry. You can find cars and every car parts & components and all their OEM and 3rd party variations. You can go back years, you can even find parts from the early retro era online.

With this sea of choices making a decision on what to get becomes difficult. All these choices raise a lot of questions. And the following passages will address them. The end-goal of both online shopping and brick and mortar shops is the same. You want to get quality auto parts on the cheap. Before you went to your nearest auto parts store in the neighborhood and now the nearest auto parts store is on the internet.

One good thing about online stores is that you can find everything and nothing is ever really out of stock. Here are a few tips on shopping online for your car’s auto parts.

Knowing What’s Needed

See often times when we go grocery shopping we take a list right? So when buying auto parts you should make it a habit. Make a list of what you need. Make a note of everything the year, make, model, part number and any other specific information you may need. This is important as you need to find the perfect part. Otherwise, it may turn out to have disastrous results. A problem most people face when shopping online is impulse buying. This is another place where the list helps. Stick to the list and don’t buy anything extra.

Finding The Right Store

You can buy parts from anywhere, to be honest. This is why to ensure the highest level of quality you need to research the online stores. Don’t fall for shiny loud and eye-catching shops. Check the substance. Do your homework, ask the community, check out blogs ask an expert. These people will be able to let you know what is good and what is not. If you have any shop in mind then ask about that as well. The community will let you know. Some additional things that you should be checking are customer service compatibility and return policy.

Customer Service Compatibility

You should double or triple check the customer service compatibility of the shop you are ordering from. Remember once you order from them there is no turning back. A simple order can become the source of weeks of headaches. Things that you should look for are is there a solid customer service structure in place? Who are you calling? Are they located in the US? These are all factors that should be considered by you before making a decision.


Auto parts are vital to your car’s health. This is why choosing an auto parts store that has a good reputation in the community. Make sure that the auto parts store you choose has a friendly knowledgeable staff. Make sure they have good reviews and the passion and drive to help the customer.

Find The Right Place

So there you go, these are some of the factors that you should consider before deciding on where to get your auto parts from. Make sure you follow it to the tee and don’t fall for traps.


Know About the Best SIM Only Plans with Some Related Info


If you’re looking to hold on your existing plan for a bit longer or if you feel that a SIM-only plan is the best way to go with then the best SIM only plans would be the great solution in this issue. Also, you can get an inexpensive SIM only deal even with a new mobile set is a simple way to own a new Smartphone. It’s possible when you have some extra money to invest in the latest phone and there are some plans that come with just less than $10 per month.

Now, the question is what other things that you should know about while shopping for a new phone. In this case, most of the people obviously like to get a Smartphone for the cheapest price. And you can narrow down your search from the list of their price with some other plans and deals. But, you might have some dozens of questions before shopping a handset and we have tried to answer them below.

What Is the Best Phone Network in Australia?

One thing is obviously true for every mobile phone network that each of them have their personal advantages and disadvantages. But, you’ll not find them necessarily the wrong choice as the choice widely depends on your preference and importance. The importance you can put a priority on including the solid coverage, sweet inclusions, good global-roaming options, and cheap prices.

If it’s an admirable treat is loyalty, this is usually useless to the area of the service providers. As a result, you’ll have to shop around when you finish your contract. For example, if you’re in search of a better network then Telstra could be your first choice. Besides, you’ll find the lead of Optus in the other possible areas across the country, especially in the township and city areas.

What Is the Best Carrier for SIM Only Plans?

When it comes to the network coverage, Telstra is the top one to earn the title in Australia that has mentioned earlier. Also, it comes with the latest technology for its users like a 5G mobile network, but its plans and deals are the expensive ones. However, they offer some other extra inclusions with their plans, such as their truly unlimited plans.

Besides, if we talk about Vodafone, it’s another big carrier and has secured the third position in Australian networks. But, when it compared with Telstra or Optus, it can’t go close to them as it doesn’t have the required coverage and excel, or value. So, why you should go with this carrier for and that’s month-to-month plans benefits. In this case, it just needs to pay the remaining amount of your handset when you want to leave their plan.

What Are the Lease Contract Worth?

We suggest for the most users that the cons of the mobile phone plans like Samsung galaxy s5 mobile plans and deals are linked with the lease plans then than the possible benefits. But, you’ll find some cases where they can make you a sense. It’s because a phone with lease needs you to be locked for a 24-month period. But, you’ll have to back the handset to the assigned Telco when you finish the contract period.


Top 3 Free Cloud Storage To Store And Protect Your Medical Images


Medical images are no more restricted in the enterprise-based instrument software. Now, for better interpretability, health care facilities archive the images in cloud storage.

Before choosing the proper storage for your personal or professional use, look at the best three of the market.

1. postDICOM

This free cloud storage for medical image is one of the best in the market. Not only medical professionals but the general users also prefer this DICOM images cloud. They all like the user-friendly interface and feature.

You will get 50GB space FREE. This space will be sufficient to store or upload your DICOM format images. Moreover, you can also save the medical documents in it.


The cloud storage has a secure sharing feature. Thus, your doctor or another specialist can see radiology images and reports. The HTML5 viewer will display those images with clarity and precision. This multi-platform viewer can work on Windows, Linux, and Mac OSX system.

The storage works on multiple platforms. Thus, you can sit on your laptop, PC, or tablet and access the images. No matter which location you access the storage, do not worry about security and privacy. It is all safe.

2. boxDICOM

The storage service is a modern introduction of Box Provider Solution. It is DICOM viewer online and an appropriate platform to upload and share medical images in DICOM format. Thus, you can archive all your X-Ray, CT scan, MRI, and even ECG.

This platform allows both patients and healthcare professionals to share image and medical data. Your referred physician can see all your radiology images from anywhere.


This cloud solution allows you to view your clinical images and reports in DICOM format using any web browser. All the credit goes to the intuitive DICOM online viewer.

Medical images used to be stored in the instrument-associated software. However, cloud storage systems like boxDICOM bridge the gap between the radiologist and specialist physicians. It brings the images directly from the instrument to the viewer.

This FDA approved storage solutions comply with HIPAA requirements. Moreover, you do not have to install any additional software for it.

3. Zurili

Do you need unlimited storage for your clinical data? I am sure some of you do. Then get Zurili. This European cloud storage for medical images comes with FREE unlimited space.

You can store all your images in DICOM format. Furthermore, those images could be directly accessed through any devices, including a smartphone. This is highly adaptable with any internet speed. Therefore, you can easily access the data with the same ease from a mega city or countryside.


No matter what web-based viewer you use, Zurili is compatible with all of them. This ensures a blazing fast display of clinical images through the web or installed the viewer. The only thing you have to do is to connect Zurili with your viewer.

Image uploading is like a breeze with Zurili. Drag and drop the images in the box. The storage will take care of the rest. The faster your internet quickest the images will be on the cloud.


How to Update Your Kitchen?

Home Improvement

Hate it when after a tiring day at work you have to go to your same old kitchen that looks as old as a seventy-year-old lady? Boring and dull. (Now I know why my food is always messed up, it’s the kitchen that’s the main culprit. Just kidding! I’m a good cook.)

How about making a few changes to it, which are lighter on the pocket and don’t require you to rob a bank? Let’s start!

1. Change Layout

The first option we have is to change the layout of the kitchen, same old stuff but a different setting. This new setting is the most convenient option, it wouldn’t even require any spending and would also be perceived as something new and different by your mind.

2. Painting Cabinets Dark Colors

Is your kitchen cabinet also 8-10 years old just like mine? And their condition, they’re worn out paint makes you hate opening them? Don’t worry I won’t suggest replacing them! (So, you can continue reading). When running low on budget and looking for a solution to upgrade those ugly cabinets, consider the option of painting them in a darker color. This way you can go days without cleaning them too. This new dark color will be appealing and will be something different compared to if you switch from white to a cream color. Trust me this will make about 40% of the change you’re wanting.

3. Paint Walls

Need to do more changes? How about changing the paint of the walls? No? Then maybe add a few small frames with cooking quotes?

4. Managing Utensils and Daily Items

Want to make cooking a wonderful experience? How about decorating a few of your pretty utensils which are locked behind the cabinet doors. The best idea is to hammer a utensil hanging rack on the wall above the counter top. Then how about corralling a few everyday used things like olive oil, salt, and pepper shakers, honey, sriracha sauce and etc. on a woven tray and placing them neatly on that shiny countertop. For added decoration, you can also decorate your different sized cutting boards.

5. Under-Cabinet Lighting

To add a little brighter touch to your kitchen so that you actually feel motivated to cook and so make your hubster happy you can opt for under cabinet lighting. This will add a little drama to your setting and added lighting would mean fewer cuts on your finger while chopping those veggies off. Finally, a cut off in Band-Aids use. The lighting options could range from stick-on LED battery operated versions to puck lights.

6. Make Space for More Space!

Running out of space? To store that extra grocery, you bought? How about adding storage by adding a few open shelves? This will also give a new look to your seventy-year-old lady (kitchen). These shelves would only require hammering a few wooden planks on empty walls.

Also, cleaning the kitchen frequently is vital. When you are done cleaning, do use a garbage disposal service, you can search ‘garbage disposal services near me’ for removing the junk.

What these junk hauling Seattle WA services is that they take out trash and junk – and give you time for other stuff.

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