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6 Online Shopping Tips to Save Money


What do people love more than shopping? Online shopping. What do people even more? When you can save money while online shopping. Everyone loves a good discount and these tips will help you to save your money while shopping online and how to avail generous discounts.

1. Shop on the Right Days

It is not best for you to fill up your cart on a Saturday night. Most websites give out major discounts on the weekdays as you will see hot deals today signs and emails more on weekdays barring special occasions. Since there is lower influx of people shopping on the weekdays, you have to take advantage of this situation and place all your orders when these weekday discounts are going on. This will save you a lot of money and you will not have to deal with the online shopping traffic either.

2. Coupons Are Your Best Friends

We all love coupons. But the smartest thing to do is to use them strategically. Many retailer websites will give out coupons. So, you have to keep them safe. When you want to checkout, use the coupons smartly and get the best price for your items with a generous discount as well.

3. Do Not Neglect Your Rewards

This is where a lot of people forget about the reward royalty program. These are like brownie points for online shopping. How the reward program works is that when you constantly shop from a place, you get rewards according to the amount of money you spent. These rewards are converted into cash or coupons, which you can use if you redeem them. Take advantage of these rewards. They will give you discounts in the most unexpected ways and you will get a better bank for your buck. 

4. Check Your Emails for Instant Discounts

Do not forget to check your emails for discount codes and hot deals today. If you are a regular shopper at a retail store, then you might have subscribed to their newsletter via email. It’s free and it is like an automatic reminder for when your retail store is throwing in good deals and discounts. Small perks like these can save you a lot of money because you will be immediately notified when discounts are coming in. So before, you hit another store for a shopping spree, make sure to check your email for discounts.

5. Keeping Items in Your Wish List

This is a very good tip if you are eyeing for that one thing you desperately want. Putting an item on your wish list will notify you first when the item is on discount or is in hot deals today, so you can buy that specific item in a very reasonable price. 

6. Discounts on Expensive Things

There is one way where you can buy very expensive items at a generous discounted rate. The tip is to buy these items when the season or trends change. Most stores put seasonal sales on items so that they can display the new collection for the new season. 

“Shop till you drop” never sounded this good, right? Try these tips out and you will be surprised by the amazing deals you will get with shopping online.

Tips to Grab the Best Amazon Prime Day’s Hot Deals


When it’s the Amazon Prime Day time, it comes with some amazing bargains for the shoppers. It particularly does on the different products and services of Amazon from their Audible Audiobooks to Fire Tablets. So, it’s the best time to shop from Amazon if you’re looking for the Amazon products or services. 

This is because Amazon has promised on the biggest deals on their product line of Alexa. Apart from getting Alexa products, you’ll also get lots of other Amazon hot deals. But, there are hazards on Prime Day shopping. 

For example, you might be thinking a sale will last for 36 hours, but it may end quicker than you think. Even some of the items finish selling within a few minutes. So, let’s know some tips that will help you get the best deals of the Amazon Prime day. 

Make A Shopping List First

There are thousands of items on Amazon Prime Day sale that you make your shopping easy and smartly. Even you might get overwhelmed by the seeing the number of various deals and chance to miss out the one that you’re exactly looking for. 

If you find the things that you know, get them on this day and add them into your shopping cart. Don’t click on the checkout button until you complete choosing and adding items in the cart. Also, if you keep unchecked out, you’ll get a message every time you open the shopping cart regarding the prices changes. 

So, what you need to do is just waiting and then watches what more offers come to you. But, sometimes you may get items on the lowest price that’s not on the shopping list. You can get immediate enlist it or take it without enlisting. 

Hunt Down the Best Deals of Amazon 

Although Amazon declares about the bargains beforehand, you’ll have to check their website out. When it’s the Prime Day, you’ll find loads of sale items on Amazon’s homepage. 

But, don’t run rush to click on the “Buy” button when you find the deal right way, just wait for the preview of the next sales. Thus, you’ll not be overwhelmed to find out the items you’re looking for. 

You just scroll down of the list and you’ll get notifications from Amazon when the items will come live to sale. Also, you can do it by their webpage and app. But, the app would be easier for you if you always like to stay on your smartphone. 

Don’t Forget to Compare Prices 

Usually, deals sell out quicker, but you can’t overlook these important tips of savings – shop around. Amazon is indeed the largest seller, but it doesn’t mean they sale at the lowest prices. That’s why you must shop around so that you can compare prices of the same items. 

There are many competitors of Amazon and they offer lower price tags than Amazon. But, you don’t need to round around the shops, just use your computer and let it perform the job.

3 Best Apps for Car Buying Info


So you can basically find an app for almost everything you can think of. And many car enthusiasts thought why not have an app that provides information on cars that you want to buy. And just like that, the trend of car info apps for buying cars was started. Regardless of what you are shopping for you need ample research if you are going to buy it online. 

This is especially true if you are going to buy a car online. These car info apps help you out in buying by informing you about the vehicle in details. This is something that websites, in general, cannot do. The app can send you alerts and notifications if the price of a vehicle you like drops or if there is a new car. 

With the apps, you can even scan window stickers or VIN to get a vehicle report. This means you will know everything about the car giving you the upper hand in finding a bargain on your next car purchase. So which car info apps do you use? Well, there are many around but my selection of the top 3 car info apps are in the following passages. 

Used Car Search Pro

This app was made by iSeeCars and in my opinion, is a very underrated car buying app. Used Car Search Pro has 40000 dealerships and private seller’s database and has an amazing filtering system which houses 59 different specifications. 

They even included rare filter specs like driver height. They have made sure include every parameter you can think of to ensure that you get the car of your dream. It also judges and provides real-time updates on the prices of cars. This ensures that you get a fair deal whenever you are buying a product. 


Well, CarMax introduced its app which has full access to the dealerships nationwide car database. The app has information about 40000 vehicles which is basically the inventory of the entire car max dealership. So this app lets you compare prices between 10 cars at once and even send you notifications when the price on a certain car drops. 

On top of this, you get unfettered access to CarMax’s expert and customer reviews plus as many vehicle reports you need. You can easily use the app to scan window stickers and bar codes to access any and all vehicular information. One drawback for this car info app is that it only shows you CarMax cars. 

This means that the prices are fixed and you cannot negotiate anything. If you are the sort of person who likes upfront pricing, then you will like this app. If you want to buy a CarMax car and you don’t have any CarMax location near you then the app is the best thing you can use. 


Whether you need car info on new, used and certified pre-owned vehicles the Autotrader app has it all for you. It lists all the cars from the local dealerships and saves your preferences and choices in the My Autotrader Profile. 

Like most great car info apps it provides you with regular updates. You will get a free vehicular report ever year along with access to pricing information and reviews. This app works almost like a social media app. 

With the app connecting you to dealerships and private sellers through phone and email. On top of that, it lets you share the news about the cars you love with your friends and family via text.

Find The Car App You Need

So there you go, these are my top 3 choices for car info app when considering buying a car. While these are amazing apps these are not the only good ones out there. You can probably find tons more out there each with its own uniqueness. 

You may even find one that is perfect for you. So make sure to do your research. On top of that if you are looking for car auto parts info app you can use AutopartsZ

While they do have an amazing website for your auto parts need, they also have an app for looking up auto parts with relative ease. The Android and IOS apps can be found on The App Store and Google Playstore.

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