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How to Prevent Smartphone from Heating Up?

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For avoiding smartphone heating up, we need to know why it heats up, first.

Reasons for Smartphone Heating Up

1. Brightness is Too High

When the brightness is too high and you are continuously using the phone, it can cause it to heat up. Thus keep the brightness to a moderate level.

2. Using Cellular Data

Cellular data use causes the phone to heat up as it puts more pressure on it. The battery has to provide more power so it also drains quickly. That’s why use of home phone and internet bundles is recommended.

3. Intensive Camera Use

Continuous use of camera makes the phone heat up because of more power needed. Battery works too hard to provide the energy to the phone.

4. Spyware or Malware

When someone installs a spyware or malware, they drain the battery. Such apps work in the background and the users cannot identify them but they heat up the phone.

5. Apps in the Background

When so many apps work in the background, the phone heats up. Apps like movie downloader, software update or heavy games lead to fast power consumption whether you are using home phone and internet bundles or anything else.

6. It Also Happens Due to Battery

When the phone battery is not performing well, it also causes the device to heat up. Your phone battery might have expired and needs to be replaced.

7. Phone Software Updates

Software update require data as well as power so they make the phone look hotter. The updates consume power faster and battery has to work harder for this.

Ways to Avoid Smartphone Heating Up

1. Use Wi-Fi instead of Cellular Data

Instead of using cellular data, you should switch the phone to Wi-Fi. You can use mobile phone plans sim only. It will keep the phone temperature moderate and not cause it to heat up.

2. Use Original Accessories

It should be noted that fake accessories can damage your battery and cause the phone to heat up. So always use the certified and original phone chargers and adopters.

3. Delete Spyware or Malware

If you see any malware or spyware on your device, delete them immediately. It will have a good impact on the phone and prevents heating up issues.

4. Close Background Apps

Avoid using too many apps at the same time. If you have apps working in the background, try to turn them off so that the phone maintains its normal temperature.

5. Maintain Smartphone Temperature

If you are living areas with extreme weather conditions, it does affect the phone temperature. There is a safe temperature level and the phone should be used in that temperature otherwise it will lead to heating up issues.

6. Don’t Use Too High Brightness

Keep the phone brightness to a moderate level so that you can get more hours from the battery. It will also prevent heating problems.

7. Avoid Direct Sunlight

Never keep your phone in the direct sunlight. It affects its temperature and may cause it to heat up quickly. It may also damage the phone battery.

8. Use Optimal Settings

There are many batteries as well as power saving features and options in every phone that can reduce phone temperature as well as provide you with more hours of use.

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