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Is 70 Degrees Too Cold to Jet Ski? The Thrills Await

jet ski rentals near me now

jet ski rentals near me now

Is 70 degrees too cold to jet ski? The answer is no, 70 degrees is not too cold to jet ski! As long as you dress properly.

Riding a jet ski can be an exhilarating experience. With the wind in your hair and the spray of the water, it’s easy to feel like you’re flying across the surface of the sea. 

But as the temperatures start to dip, you may wonder – is 70 degrees too cold to jet ski?

The answer is no, 70 degrees is not too cold to jet ski! 

As long as you dress properly and take some simple precautions, you can still have a great time on your jet ski even when the mercury drops. 

If you are searching jet ski rentals near me now, keep this advice in your mind.

Layer Up To Stay Warm and Dry

The key to jet skiing in cooler weather is to dress in layers. Start with a wetsuit or dry suit to protect you from the chilly water. 

On top, wear clothing like a windbreaker jacket, pants, gloves, and a hat to block the wind. 

The extra layers will help lock in your body heat. I always bring an extra sweatshirt in a dry bag just in case!

Staying dry is also crucial. The evaporation of water from your clothing will cool you down quickly. 

Use a dry bag to store extra layers so you can change if needed. A helmet liner under your helmet can soak up sweat. 

And waterproof shoes like neoprene boots will keep your feet toasty.

Limit Your Exposure to Stay Comfortable

While 70-degree air temperature is fine for jet skiing, the wind and water will make it feel much colder. 

To avoid getting too chilled, limit your time spent sitting idle or cruising at low speeds.

Instead of leisurely tours, I focus on fun activities like jumping waves or towing toys to stay active.

Take breaks out of the wind and sun to warm up. Keep rides shorter, about 30-45 minutes at a time. 

Then go relax inside your jacket and gloves for a bit before the next ride.

Heading in around 60-90 minutes is usually ideal at 70 degrees. You’ll have enjoyed some great jet ski time without getting uncomfortably cold.

Check the Water Temperature

While air temps get all the attention, water temp is just as important when jet skiing. 

According to the National Weather Service, water below 70 degrees can quickly cause hypothermia.

So before you head out, check the local water temperature. Lakes, rivers, and oceans will differ. 

If it’s chilly, stick to quick thrill rides rather than long cruises to limit exposure. A wetsuit will also help insulate you in cool water.

70 Degrees is Perfect With the Right Prep

While days over 80 degrees may be ideal, there’s no reason to hang up your jet ski just because it’s 70. 

With the proper layering, limits on exposure and checks of water temp, you can still have an incredible time riding the waves.

The cool air rushing by as the engine thrusts forward is exhilarating. The crisp water spraying your face awakens your senses. 

My favorite fall memory is riding under vividly colored trees shedding leaves into the lake. So don’t let the temperature stop you. 

With some simple preparation for the conditions, you can enjoy all the thrills of jet skiing even at 70 degrees. The rentals are waiting for you to take the plunge!

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