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Why You Should Drain Your Hiking Boots

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Footwear is really important for hikers. And hiking boots were trendy for many years regardless of men’s or women’s hiking shoes. In recent, they shift them with running shoes. But hikers who are new very curious to know is it really enough to hiking in running shoes.

Furthermore, they want to know about the right weight of their pack. When we think about hiking, it is generated in our minds that we must have to wear boots. That’s precisely what you execute. You do need proper fraction and support for your ankles.

For that reason, we even overwhelmed when we learned to know that thru-hikers finish off thousands of miles of trail each year wearing the running shoes. So, after gaining the experience of hiking wearing the boots and even the running shoes, we can tell you very boldly that just get rid of your shoes and don’t recollect.

More Load On the Feet Is Worthless

If you carry more heavy boots, then you will lose more energy while hiking. It’s simple that you are carrying much weight on your severe feet. The load on your feet can obliterate 4-6 times more strength than the load on your feet.

So basically, you can exchange your boots with running shoes, which is a perfect equivalent for saving your power. And scientifically we can say you are reducing 8-12 pounds load from the pack.

Blisters Are Like Hell

Your feet are not comfortable with stiff and hard-soled hiking boots. As an effect, your feet won’t be able to breathe. Your shoes will be sweaty inside, and it will make your feet soft, which causes blisters. Even functional quality boots can do that to your feet when you wear them for a long day. Have you anyway ever got bad blisters? Then you at least know that they are very severe and they are like hell. You can also check out how to prevent blisters.

Deceptive Concept of Waterproof Boots

Most of the company make waterproof boots, and they highlighted the term. And almost all hikers take it as a useful thing. But it’s not the truth that you think to get. It will make your feet more humid. As your feet won’t be able to breathe, it will be less dry and sweatier.

Waterproof boots will give safety from rain for only a short time. When it has been raining for a long time, the boots can’t protect your feet. The reason is that the small holes which are generated in your shoes, even in high-quality boots also. So, the water can let into your boots and make your feet wet.

Typical Ankle Supportive Boots

They use the word ankle support and increase the sale of boots. And we buy those without thinking logically. Wilderness travelers have a terrible fear about that and lead them to buy a pair of hiking boots.

But according to research, stretching can make your ankle fit. A healthy and active life will give you protection, and you don’t even require ankle support boots.

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