Psychology rules our world, in all walks of life. Knowing a few psychological life hacks can help you turn the situation to your advantage.

Have a look at some of the famous psychological life hacks.

  1. If you want people to do a complex task, present them with a simpler task first. People are inclined to do things for you under the banner of ‘gradual commitment.’ Alternatively, you can with giving them a hard task first and if they decline, present them with a simpler task. They will agree to a reasonable task. (In the field of psychology, there is no hard and fast rule. While life hacks may contradict each other, rest assured that they will work)
  2. If you ask someone for a favor and they act upon that favor, according to cognitive dissonance, they will come under the impression that since they performed the favor, they must be liking you.
  3. Want to tell quickly when someone is lying? The trick is to observe their eyes. Most people look towards their left or above when they are lying to your face.
  4. People will remember you by not what you said to them, rather what you made them feel.
  5. To get a positive response from someone, remember to nod while conversing with them. This triggers the sub-conscious power of mimicry. Sometimes humans without logic, tend to copy other people. If you are nodding beforehand, it is no secret that the other person will sub-consciously try to copy you, making the end result in your favor.
  6. Confidence is more important than having knowledge of a particular thing. People will not go for your words but rather your body language. The thing with a brain is that if you start pretending you are confident, you will feel that you are becoming confident (placebo effect). If you start thinking you are an extrovert, you will become an extrovert so ‘fake it till you make it’
  7. If you need a favor from someone, begin with “I need your help” People will help you because of your modest request.
  8. In order to see if the other person is following up with your conversation, fold your arms. While talking, sometimes, our thoughts are somewhere else. To check whether the other person is still in the loop, you can do the test of folding your arms. If they notice you or try to mimic your actions, your conversation is getting the attention it deserves.
  9. If you have asked a question from someone and they partially answered it, it is better to wait than to keep on insisting on the answer. Human psychology is often without contentment. If you are staying silent, the other person will think that since they didn’t provide enough information on their end, something is wrong. To clear that guilty conscience, they will spill more details.

Psychological life hacks suggest that one of the ways to make a person talking to you feel good, is to repeat what they say. This is a sort of validation. If the other person just said something important to you, rephrase the sentence in your own words. This will give the impression that you are a good listener and that you are interested in conversing with him.