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Advantages of EHR Software That You Might Not Get


If you have recently have installed EHR software at your system, you might not be getting all the advantages of it. Or, you’re considering using it for the first time. In both cases, you should know about some practical uses of the app that you don’t know.

You can be availing the very basics of this system, more features are out there. EHR is a simple way to set up your record-keeping system from paper-based to electronic-based. While using the collected data of your patients, you can use them with just a single click.

Also, you’ll get the feature to input the name of the desired patient and all things are in front of you like DICOM viewer free or paid app. Moreover, many more advantages are out there and let’s know about them below:

Patient Portals

If you’re using it with EHR, you can easily set up it with a patient’s portal. While having a patient’s portal, your patients are all set to use their records from their home using a laptop or desktop or even a smartphone. It means that they can use, update, and share their data and images with other people or doctors.

Also, they can do it from anywhere and anytime. Moreover, you can make them able to use the portal in your office’s computer kiosk. This is why your patients no longer need to fill the huge forms out that a staff member hands out with a pen and paper.

Sometimes the paperwork was disturbing because the same things needed to ask multiple times. These include an emergency contact number and the current medications’ list.

But, while using HER or DICOM viewer Mac, their data becomes digital and they need to say one thing just for one time. Likewise, your staff also can save lots of time.

Advanced Tools

While going with an EHR, it brings you the latest and advanced tools. They help you to enhance your practice to run it smoothly and efficiently. For instance, your staff members will be able to use the analytical reports to find out the emergency patients’ behavior.

But, it doesn’t show to their appointments in some ZIP code or population.  You also can detect many people are coming from far away for treatment. So, you can think about to open a satellite office that will meet their needs better way.

In this case, EHR will work well for you with its different features to get a better decision to work accordingly in a short time. At the end of the day, you’ll save some hours to spend them on other productive tasks.


You have to know that electronic prescriptions keep patients safer if you’re a new user of this feature. Also, it cuts down the required time to prescribing on paper. E-prescriptions are very handy because doctors can use and submit their prescription electronically to the pharmacy.

Also, they can send it to the patients that save time for them and the collect it from their home computer. It also helps to overcome the issue of poor handwriting of some doctors.

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