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Too Many Belongings, Too Few Boxes? Here’s How to Pack Creatively

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When moving, boxes are essential. But what if you have more stuff than cardboard? Get creative with these clever tips for box-free packing.

Moving and running short on boxes is stressful. With some clever thinking outside the cardboard, you can still transport your belongings safely. 

Follow these innovative methods to pack without traditional moving boxes and ease the strain on move day.

Wrapping Paper and Trash Bags Are Surprisingly Effective

Out of moving boxes? Raid your holiday wrapping paper stash. Wrap breakables and fragile items with paper and secure them with tape. You’ll protect them just like any box would during the move.

For soft goods like clothing and linens, opt for extra sturdy trash bags. Carefully pack items into bags, pressing out excess air before sealing them completely closed with bag ties or twist ties. Trash bags stand up to moving stress better than you’d think!

Tip: Label bagged items with a permanent marker so you know what’s inside when unpacking.

Get Creative With Household Items

Look around your home for household things to repurpose as makeshift moving boxes. For example:

  • Laundry baskets are ideal for lightweight items like throw blankets and pillows. They have built-in handles for easy transport too.
  • Dish packs from your last move protect dishes and glassware perfectly. Close them up securely with packaging tape.
  • Suitcases with hard shells are already designed to travel. Use them for fragile décor or valuables.
  • Plastic storage bins have lids to keep contents contained. They stack efficiently as well.
  • Pet carriers, both hard and soft varieties, come in handy for awkwardly shaped items.

Tip: Line any household vessels with towels or small blankets as an extra shield.

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Make Specialty Bundles

For certain categories of items, bundling together works better than any makeshift box. Some smart ideas:

  • Gather artwork and mirrors together, separating each piece with a sheet, and securely wrapping the entire bundle in moving blankets or bubble wrap. Secure blanketed bundles with rope or packing tape.
  • For framed photos, place each gently into a clean pillowcase and tie the open end closed tightly with ribbon or string to create a protected bundle.
  • Coat hangers filled with clothes can be hung in bulk on moving trucks using built-in clothing rods. Wrap a moving blanket around clothing for a protective barrier.
  • Lamps bundle nicely too. Keep shades on lamps but remove bulbs. Wrap fixture stems together with packing paper and tape lamp heads with more paper to prevent scratches.

When in Doubt, Hire a <moving & storage company near me>

For worry-free transport of treasured possessions with limited boxes, hire professional movers. Companies have access to all the clean boxes, padding, shrink wrap, and trucks you need. They pack efficiently using best practices and ensure safe handling.

Check reviews and compare quotes from top-rated moving and storage companies near me. Their expertise allows you to relax on a moving day!

With resourceful packing methods, you can move without boxes. But for less stress, trust the pros at a reliable moving and storage company near you when boxes run short.

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