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September 13, 2022

dog grooming supplies near me

Dog Grooming Supplies: How To Choose Clippers For Dogs?

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When it comes to choosing clippers for your dog, there is no single answer. There are several types of clippers out there designed for different dog breeds. The clipper your friend is using for their dog doesn’t need to suit your dog. So, let’s discuss some important tips that will help you choose the right clippers for your dog when browsing for dog grooming supplies near me.

1. Consider Your Dog’s Hair Type

As mentioned earlier, different dog breeds have different types of hair. While some have thick coats, others have relatively less. The texture, length, and thickness of your dog’s coat will decide the level of grooming it needs. Dogs with soft hair but thick coats require regular grooming as compared to dogs that have short but hard hair. This means the type of clipper you will use will differ as well.

So, buy a clipper with attachments. This way, if you own dogs of different breeds, you won’t have to purchase separate machines. You can simply choose the replacement based on the hair type and size and work your way into the hair.

2. Consider Your Pet

As a dog owner, you must have paid multiple visits to the groomer. This means you are also well aware of the fact of how difficult it is to keep the animal calm during the process. If you plan on grooming your dog at home, you should either opt for a grooming table or purchase a cordless machine. This is especially true for dogs that turn anxious and nervous as soon as you turn on the machine.

Dogs and other pets tend to get scared due to loud, unusual noises. That said, if your dog becomes triggered hearing the sound of clippers, you should opt for a quiet clipper. This will help keep your dog relaxed while you groom it away.

dog grooming supplies near me

3. Consider The Brand

There are a lot of brands out there that claim their clippers are the best. Considering the overwhelming number of choices, it could be hard to choose one. However, the easiest way to opt for the perfect brand is to look up its reputation on the internet and ask your social circle for recommendations.

You do not need to purchase anything highly expensive. Simply opt for a brand that offers a warranty and has good customer service.

4. Check The Accessories And Blades

The next factor to consider is the accessories and blades that come with clippers. Professional clippers come with several different types of attachments that allow grooming for all types of hair and coats. If it is your first time grooming your dog, opt for a clipper that comes with all the necessary accessories you might need.

5. Consider The Level Of Grooming

Most dog owners will only groom their dogs to the point where they look reasonable. But if you want anything better, you will need to opt for a professional clipper. Plus, if your dog requires regular grooming visits, you should opt for a clipper that can be used frequently at home. Moreover, the attachments and blades matter as well. You might want to give your dog a new look, and this is where the additional tools come in.

However, if you want basic grooming and cannot take enough time out from your busy schedule to groom your dog in detail, you should invest in a standard or basic clipper that meets your dog’s basic needs.

Final Word

In the end, choosing the best clippers for your dog is easy if you were to follow the tips mentioned above. Before searching for dog grooming supplies near me and finalizing your decision, make sure you research and gather a second opinion to end up with the right choice.

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