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Understanding Damages: Hub Bearings or ABS Wheel Speed Sensor Damages


A malfunctioning Indicator light or noise coming from wheels, ABS control module showing wrong readings, Traction control issues and many others like this are potentially big problems for your car. However, these issues can also occur when you have a hub bearing problem or if you have a problem with the wheel speed sensor.

Which is why I always suggesting to people that whenever doing your regular auto maintenance check-up make sure to check the bearings and ABS wheel speed sensors as well. This may result in you saving money on transmission repairs you don’t need right now. You might think that this doesn’t really happen, but trust me this happens more often than you think.

So how do your hub bearings and wheel speed sensors get damaged? Well, there are many ways that can happen as many hub bearings have built-in sensors. They usually have both internal and external sensors on them. Some of the problems that may happen have been discussed in the following.

Excessive Bearing End-Play, this means that bearings in the wheel have been put through huge stress more than it is usually designed to handle.

Weak sensor signal, this happens when there is corrosion and the air gap spacing is diminished and incorrect readings are sent to the control module.

Debris and Dust, well this happens more to open sensors. Debris and dust may get in and damage or provide inaccurate readings for the module. This means that the part is inoperable and the damages need to be fixed to for the ABS control module to provide accurate actions.

Metallic Debris, well this can happen too as the sensors are highly magnetized. The debris can get attached to the vehicle’s wheel speed sensor’s magnetic encoder ring.

Contamination, this is the same idea as the former two points. The sensors can be contaminated by particles within the environment which may mean inaccurate readings and false alarms going off.

When you have debris on the wheel sensor then you should never use any magnetic material to clean it. This may end up damaging your car’s magnetic encoder ring. Using a soft brush with some detergent or degreaser will do the job. Just make sure you do it carefully. What I suggest to many is to remove the hub bearings completely before cleaning it. What happens when you do is that you can thoroughly clean the wheel speed sensor and also don’t risk damaging the wires during cleaning.

Even though bearings are made to last many a thousand miles, they can falter. The health of any part depends on the conditions you drive in as well as the care you take. When your technician will be running diagnostic checks make sure they first ensure that it’s not an ABS wheel speed sensor issue. Wiring issue or contamination affecting the sensor signal should also be considered before taking other steps. So make sure your technician completes the vehicle’s speed sensor check-up when doing the routine diagnostics.

These are some things that can happen which will mislead you into believing your car has other problems. Your ABS control module will not function properly if the wheel speed sensors are providing the wrong readings. So check the sensors before going into any sort of repairs.

Secrets to Getting Hot Deals When Shopping Online


Did you know that around 1.8 Billion people made online purchases and global online sales were around 2.8 trillion dollars? Online shopping has become the primary way most of us shop now. Even brick and mortar retailers have transferred to the digital space.

With such a booming industry specialized services for helping consumers find hot deals have emerged. The online shoppers’ community now have more time, space and scope to find great prices and not adhere to prices set by the sellers. So, how do you make sure you get hot deals every time you shop? Here is a list of few techniques you can use to ensure you get products at amazing prices.

Keep It Pending

You want to order your product but you don’t really have a good discount. So what do you do? You add it to cart and wait. When you are ordering something choose the product and then keep it saved in your cart. Often times the seller will send you follow-up emails with special discounts and offers to sweeten the deal. Patience is key here. Just open an account save the order in the cart and wait.

Coupon Hunting

You already know about signing up for special discounts and offers from retailers. What you can additionally do is do a quick google search to find other coupons from the sellers. This will give you additional saving on the purchase. Combine the special email offer and the coupon you found on the internet to sweeten your deal. Make sure you also check out their deal of the day to see if there is anything that’s worth buying as well.

Know The Right Day to Shop

Companies have done their research on the market. They have made sure to know when to lower prices and when to raise them. You can use this to your advantage. If you are buying books on a Saturday, then you are most probably getting a great deal. Wednesdays are for jewelry and Thursdays are usually reserved for clothes. If you know these things, then getting an amazing deal on your product any day shouldn’t be hard.

Hoover Up Loyalty Points

You shouldn’t only be buying from a seller because you have always bought from them. That sort of blind loyalty will just lose you tons of money. However, there is always that one place that you always go back to. The place that offers great service and fantastic products. Well, sign up for their loyalty program. Save up on the loyalty points for using them later. Don’t just buy for getting points that’s counter-productive.

Socially Active

Brands know that building a community is a better way for business than just providing services. This is why the sellers are very active on social media waiting to engage with you. Comment, suggest and participate. Often times brands send special social media only discounts to customers. They even hold special events where you can win things as well. Being a little social will help you get a better deal on your purchases so why not be a little social?

Following The Pattern

So these are some of the ways you can guarantee that you get a better deal every time you shop. Make sure you do your research as well on the products before doing anything as well. You will find many places that will offer you great product prices but ensure first that they provide quality as well. One great way to ensure that is to see about their customer service. So do your research and follow the plan and you will get the hottest deals on the Internet.

Spring Driving Tips for A Safer Ride


Driving requirements change with the season. Your car needs a different overhaul to drive in different conditions. This also means that the way you drive your car is different as well in different seasons. Spring is in full swing and the weather is unpredictable. Once you have outfitted your car with all the necessary car accessories from your local auto parts store you are ready for the road. Driving in different conditions during the spring season can be a little tricky. These tips are not only for spring but also applies to your regular driving as well. Here is a list of tips for driving during the spring season.

Taking Off Winter Tires

Switching from winter tires during spring can be a bit tricky. Knowing when to switch the tires has often plagued many of us. One day of warm weather isn’t really a good indication of changing tires. A basic rule of thumb that I like using waiting if the weather has been constantly above seven degrees for ten days straight.

Icy Roads

During spring time temperature fluctuates heavily. This is why it is best to know and gain information on the roads before driving. While spring may make ice melt but at night the temperature may have fallen below zero. This means that there was ice on the road. So you have to be careful when driving. Slippery roads are a hazard during this time.

If you are not sure about the grip of the tires of your car or truck, then I suggest you get yourself tires with very good grip from any local car accessories shop. There are plenty online that will give you discounts. Once you get your tires, be wary when turning and adjust your speed because the slippery ice has claimed a lot of vehicles.

Cyclists and Motorists

I’m sure you haven’t seen a cyclist or motorist in months. But spring is when they start coming out. There have been plenty of instances where there where bike-car accidents that turned into a very nasty and fatal affair. So make sure you are careful when turning and navigating through small roads and areas. This is for your and the motorists benefit.

Being Careful in School and Residential Areas

During winter most kids have been cooped up in their house. But in spring though they come out in numbers. Very young children come out to play and may sometimes run on to the road all of a sudden. There may be teenagers who are lost on their phones and pays no heed towards the road. You have to make sure that you pay all your attention on the road because they won’t. This is especially true for residential and school areas. This obviously doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look out for children in other areas though.


Spring can also be called pothole season. Between the freezing and thawing of ice potholes become very hard to spot. Maintain a safe distance from the car in front and always be vigilant about the road as potholes can be devastating to the auto parts of your car.

Spring Flooding

With the constant ice melting and the occasional spring rain it is not uncommon to see spring flooding. This means that there may be roads that will be flooded on route. If the flooding is too much then you should avoid it completely as your car is not really built or hasn’t been modified to drive in flooded areas.

Sandy Roads

During winter roads are often sprayed with salt and sand mixture. This is to provide your car’s tires with greater traction on the ice. However, come spring when the ice has been melted the residual sand can build up on your tire and reduce traction. Make sure that you check for this as well.

Animal Alert

Animals wake up from their hibernation in spring, many even migrate back from one area to other during this time. If you are not focused on the road entirely then you might end up colliding with an unpredictable deer crossing the roads or some other poor critter.

Mindful of The Roads and Conditions

So these are my tips of safety during the spring season. These are to be followed all throughout the year but especially during the spring. Also make sure your car is properly kitted and fixed up. This may mean you buying aftermarket truck/car parts and properly fixing or just doing basic repairs. This will obviously depend on your needs. So when getting out his spring make sure you look into all these tips and follow them for a safer trip.

Tips to Remember For New Car Owners


A has a special place in everyone’s heart. Especially if it’s your first car. Your car is more than a piece of equipment to use, you have a bond with it. There are certain responsibilities that come with owning a car. Making sure you fulfill these help you get a good return on investment but more importantly will keep your car in peak condition for a long time. The following are a few tips that every new car owners should remember.

Knowing How To Change A Flat Tire

Well, I’ve seen a lot of new car owners who believe that all the tools you need when changing a tire come with the spare tire set. This is obviously not true. This is where your owner’s manual comes in. Read the owner’s manual and find out if you need additional tools for changing the tires. Also before you get out, get some practical experience on changing tires this will help you greatly when you would actually need to do it.

Replenishing Wiper Fluid

Wipers are an important part for your car along with wiper fluids as they keep the windshield clean. Don’t think that this is important for thUpload Filese stormy season, wiper fluids are needed all the time. You need to keep your wiper fluids filled always, lift the hood and find the fluid tank. Maintain the wiper fluid tank at optimum levels.

Knowing Where The Battery Is

When you open the hood make sure you locate the battery. Knowing where it is will help you jumpstart it in case of an emergency like the battery dying. Usually, batteries are easily identifiable and are always near sight but some may be covered with hoses. Read your owner’s manual, see where it is and how to jumpstart it. Make sure you aren’t unsure when you actually have to do it.

Tire Pressure

Checking the tire pressure is an important part of owning a car, this car part is what drives your car. Make sure they are always at optimum pressure. If you have a new model then it might come with a pressure indicator on the dashboard. Learn the tricks of your car and the basics of pumping the tire up from the owner’s manual this will help you a lot in the long run.

Oil Level Maintenance

Oil changing is a basic service that garages offer. But this is a simple thing that you can do yourself as well. Find out where the oil is from the owner’s manual and learn about the level where you need to change the oil. Make sure if you are changing the oil that your engine is cold, to avoid serious injury.

Part Replacement And Repairs

You know the basics now, there are plenty of DIY replacements and repairs you can do yourself. For that, you don’t need a lot of technical knowledge. Just do some research on where to get auto parts near you? Know if the car part you are getting is OEM or Aftermarket auto body part. But make sure you know that the place you are getting it from is reputed. I get my auto parts online, this helps save a lot of my time and money. There are plenty of shops online that provide discounts and even free shipping so I take advantage of these offers to save myself some money.

There are plenty of problems that require an expert hand, so make sure you get an expert opinion if you see that the problems are serious or something that is completely unfamiliar to you and the owner’s manual. So these are the few tips new car owners should know to make their car last longer and perform optimally.


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