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Useful And Working – 10 Must-Know Psychological Life Hacks

Life Hack

Psychology rules our world, in all walks of life. Knowing a few psychological life hacks can help you turn the situation to your advantage.

Have a look at some of the famous psychological life hacks.

  1. If you want people to do a complex task, present them with a simpler task first. People are inclined to do things for you under the banner of ‘gradual commitment.’ Alternatively, you can with giving them a hard task first and if they decline, present them with a simpler task. They will agree to a reasonable task. (In the field of psychology, there is no hard and fast rule. While life hacks may contradict each other, rest assured that they will work)
  2. If you ask someone for a favor and they act upon that favor, according to cognitive dissonance, they will come under the impression that since they performed the favor, they must be liking you.
  3. Want to tell quickly when someone is lying? The trick is to observe their eyes. Most people look towards their left or above when they are lying to your face.
  4. People will remember you by not what you said to them, rather what you made them feel.
  5. To get a positive response from someone, remember to nod while conversing with them. This triggers the sub-conscious power of mimicry. Sometimes humans without logic, tend to copy other people. If you are nodding beforehand, it is no secret that the other person will sub-consciously try to copy you, making the end result in your favor.
  6. Confidence is more important than having knowledge of a particular thing. People will not go for your words but rather your body language. The thing with a brain is that if you start pretending you are confident, you will feel that you are becoming confident (placebo effect). If you start thinking you are an extrovert, you will become an extrovert so ‘fake it till you make it’
  7. If you need a favor from someone, begin with “I need your help” People will help you because of your modest request.
  8. In order to see if the other person is following up with your conversation, fold your arms. While talking, sometimes, our thoughts are somewhere else. To check whether the other person is still in the loop, you can do the test of folding your arms. If they notice you or try to mimic your actions, your conversation is getting the attention it deserves.
  9. If you have asked a question from someone and they partially answered it, it is better to wait than to keep on insisting on the answer. Human psychology is often without contentment. If you are staying silent, the other person will think that since they didn’t provide enough information on their end, something is wrong. To clear that guilty conscience, they will spill more details.

Psychological life hacks suggest that one of the ways to make a person talking to you feel good, is to repeat what they say. This is a sort of validation. If the other person just said something important to you, rephrase the sentence in your own words. This will give the impression that you are a good listener and that you are interested in conversing with him.

How To Remodel Kitchen On A Budget

How To Remodel Kitchen On A Budget

Life Style/Real Estate

Many kitchen design companies offer a low budget kitchen remodeling and designing project. Here are a few things to keep in mind if you want your kitchen to look new without breaking the bank;

1) Have A Well Thought Plan

In case you’re accomplishing something other than painting the cupboards or removing tops amid your kitchen redesign, don’t try to spare cash out of the door by not contracting an expert to make an outline design. Enlisting a planner spares you time and cash over the long haul, so you don’t make costly mistakes. Take help of numerous kitchen design companies for that matter.

2) Be Prepared Before You Start

Subsequent to picking an expert to work with and thinking of an arrangement for your kitchen redesign, choose completely all that you need in the kitchen, and have it on location before a solitary inch of room sees the heavy hammer. One of the reasons that send a financial plan spiraling crazily is a property holder picking items amid the remodel. On the off chance that an item is put in a rain check, the property holder is regularly looked with a decision: pick an alternate thing that is frequently pricier, or sit tight for their unique decision, when their exchanges individuals may have different employments booked and the mortgage holder might be charged additionally for the work.

3) Choose Doorways That Will Hide the Old Cabinets

In the event that your cupboards are very obsolete, making it impossible to be rescued even by the thickest layer of paint, consider in the event that they could be spiced up with some new entryways. In the event that the structure is sound, you don’t need to throw out the entire thing: simply get great measurements and discover a style of entryway you like and buy it online easily from kitchen design companies.

4) Cut New Corners Around the Backsplash

Your backsplash may, in fact, be practical and keep food items and oils off the dividers behind the stove, yet let’s be realistic. In a kitchen remodel, the backsplash is a style pioneer. It can be a cost driver, too. Yet it doesn’t need to be. As opposed to turning the corners with your backsplash and conveying everything along the kitchen divider, simply complete the tile where the dividers meet. That guarantees you have the tile where it’s most outwardly and practically essential. At that point, you can spend plan for some truly awe-inspiring tile in the zone behind the sink or stove and go spending plan in alternate territories around it.

5) Add More Lights

Acquiring increasingly and better lighting is a clever move in any remodel, yet that is particularly valid in the kitchen. Hang newly designed chandeliers for style and light, and ensure overhead lighting is brilliant and packed in regions where the cooking will be carried out. Remember the subtle elements: including some new dim lights will add a huge improvement to your kitchen.

6) Include Architectural Designs

You can get a top of the line look with adding little changes in the architecture. Add affordable mosaic tiles or stones at the back of your kitchen to spice up the regular tops and give it an architectural twist.

Mason Jar Slads - George Town Post

How To Make Mason Jar Salads?

Food and Drink/Health

Mason jar salad is the newest trend these days which started from last year and is here to stay almost forever. Now there are many questions and confusions you might have regarding mason jar healthy salads, that can you add anything and everything? Why use a mason jar and why not a container? Will it stay fresh for a couple of days? What is the use of a mason jar when you can make a salad in a bowl? And many more queries.

For the question that how to make mason jar healthy salads then you have tons and tons of recipes on YouTube and Pinterest which you can make according to your liking. Apart from the mason jar healthy salads recipes, there are other important things which you should know.

Why Mason Jar Salads?

People are now opting for mason jar salads because, it is quick to prepare and make, is very healthy in terms of nutrition and gives a perfect health. Nowadays people have extremely busy lifestyles, they have to cater for home, office, their kids, and their social life. Time is short and you also have to stay fit and healthy. The mason jar salad can be pre-prepared for a week and can be labeled, it stays fresh for 5 to 6 days, is light and healthy for your body, and easy to carry in your lunch bag and take to the office.

Why Mason Jar and Not Any Container?

The shape of the mason jar is such that it can easily fit all the layering if the salads and keeps it fresh. The wide mouth of the mason jar makes it easy to pour and layer. You can choose the size if the mason jar according to your preferences. Any other container will not give the proper layering which might make the salad and vegetables soggy. The lid of the glass mason jar makes it easy to seal tightly.


The layering is the most important thing in making a mason jar salad. If the layering is not perfect then your salad will not be good to eat. The layering process is as follows.

The first thing that you should put in your mason jar is the dressing. It is up to you whether you opt for creamy or vinegar-based dressing. The purpose of pouring the dressing first is to make sure that the vegetables do not mix with the dressing and becoming soggy.

The next layer you should put us the hearty vegetables. These include tomatoes, cucumbers, bell peppers, carrots, broccoli and other hard vegetables that do not become soggy. In fact, some vegetables become pickled in the vinegar-based dressing which makes the salad even more delicious.

The third layer is less hearty vegetables which include green beans, canned black beans, corns, mushrooms and other softer vegetables.

The fourth layer can be carbohydrates such any form of pasta or grains. You may omit this layer according to your mason jar recipe. You can also add chickpeas, rice, quinoa Or anything that you prefer.

The fifth layer should be your proteins. You can choose according to liking and seasoning.   Either go for boiled, fried or grilled chicken cubes, beef, shrimps of any protein that you like.

The sixth layer is your cheese. Feta cheese, shredded cheese, goat cheese and blue cheese all stay fresh in a mason jar dessert.

The last step is your leafy greens and nuts if you prefer. You can add lettuce, cabbage, romaine lettuce, baby greens, spinach or anything that you like and nuts which are optional.

When you will pour the salad into a bowl, it will be perfect with greens at the bottom, setting a base and the dressing, in the end, to pour over the salad.

Portable Electric Wheelchair for Physical Challenged Person - George Town

Challenges Of Being Wheelchair-Bound And How Portable Wheelchair Can Help!

Health/Life Hack

Disabled and injured people commonly use wheelchairs. While healthy people have the luxury of moving their arms and legs at whatever pace they desire, injured and disabled people need a wheelchair to help them move from one place to another.

Challenges and Their Solutions

1) A need of Extra Pair of Hands

There is the weight of wheelchair and on top of that, is the weight of the person whom one has to carry to different places. You need to push (use force) the chair to make it move.

If you are not using force, the person sitting in the wheelchair is probably using pedals or manually working his way through wheel rotation

A portably powered wheelchair would help move a person, effortlessly. Charge it via batteries and you will not need the necessity of an extra pair of hands. You will become independent and people will like you too, considering how manual wheelchair handlers are complaining about too much work.

2) Less Space

A wheelchair cannot fit inside a child’s pocket. It has its particular dimensions of height, length, width, and area.

What if that wheelchair is to become portable? Won’t that be cool? A utility squeezed into a smaller area which you can carry anywhere in the world.

A portable power wheelchair is handy in nature. Being reduced in size, it can be taken anywhere. Parks, plains, long walk – everything is now possible with portability.

3) Rotation Made Easy

Manual wheelchairs are difficult to rotate. You need to look sideways and spend questionable time on rotating tires to see how they will affect the rotation of the chair.

With a portable power wheelchair, the rotation is made easy. You can go around with a gentle touch to controls and you will be much faster than manual steering.

4) Use of Energy

Energy is needed to make materials work. Either you transmit mechanical energy to manually rotate wheels which help move a chair or with the help of electric controls, you get to move a wheelchair.

In both cases, energy is being utilized but the latter solution is favored by everyone, considering no hard work is being involved.

Also, manual work has limited capacity. Your hands will start to feel pain after some time and they won’t help move the wheelchair as efficiently as time progresses, but with electric wheelchairs, you are not doing any strenuous mechanical work. Just press the controls and voila – your wheelchair will move.

5) Driving on Different Terrains

If you are driving on roads, terrains, indoors or outdoors – all of these terrains are different. It is harder to travel via manual wheelchair. Think about traveling on a footpath and then slowly moving your hands to shift towards a lowered plain road.

What if you are using a portable power wheelchair? Press the controls, increase or decrease the speed and travel.

Shifting between terrains has never been easier. After your smooth drive, you can fold your wheelchair and put it someplace safe.

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