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February 2018

Junk Removal Companies

Top 5 Junk Removal Companies in Broward Country


Broward Country is situated in Florida and stretches from North to South. It is a big country which ranks in second as the highest populated country in the state of Florida. It has many populated cities and many attractions for its residents. A country which is densely populated will generally accumulate a lot of junk over time, which is the reason it has many junk removal companies.

The Importance of a Junk Removal Service

The benefits of junk removal services are immense. They will de-clutter almost anything to everything. The best part is that they are just called away. You can research for the best service in your area and then call them or visit them to check their authenticity. You need to fix a tie with them. They will come to your place at the prescribed time, will haul your stuff and take it away.

  • They offer comfort to you that they will haul and move everything.
  • They will move your heavy appliances, furniture, will shift your home, will take away your construction debris, your mattress, lawn and garden waste, and will clean your garage your basement, any commercial waste and many others.
  • They will arrive with their specialized equipment and vehicles to haul your stuff.
  • They will properly dispose of in the garbage dumps.
  • Some junk removal companies will even sort your stuff for recycling or donate to charitable institutions.
  • They will also do the final clean up after the junk removal.

After all these benefits you would surely want to call up a junk removal company. Listed below are some of the top junk removal companies in Broward Country.

  1. Evergreen Junk Removal Services LLC

This is a very popular and the best junk removal company in the whole of Broward Country. They will expertly and efficiently remove every type of junk. They are updated with the latest technology and will also recycle your junk and give away in charitable institutions.

  1. Jacks Junk Removal

Efficient company with great services. They will come in any part of Broward Country. They will also remove your debris from natural calamities such as storms or hurricanes. They offer their services at very affordable rates and are a verified company which offer recycling and donation facilities as well.

  1. All American Junk Removal

This junk removal company offers the facilities of residential and commercial junk hauling. They will assess your area and will give you free and affordable quotes and rates. They will provide you will clean up after the removal so you will stay completely hassle free with them.

  1. Junk Patrol

This company provides courteous people and excellent customer service. They offer all kinds of junk removal and under your budget and also will take care of all your recycling needs.

  1. XS trash Florida

They are a fully insured and licensed junk removal services and will offer you free quotes. They will come to your doorstep at your convenience and exceed your expectations. They recycle and donate 60% of your trash and also offer the cleanup facility after the removal.

Foldable Electric Wheelchair

6 Reasons to Use Portable and Foldable Electric Wheelchair


With age, comes the tendency to have weak muscles, disabilities and the growing need to use support to walk. Wheelchairs are a great way to give yourself support when you feel you don’t have enough energy to undertake entire journeys on your own. This article goes on to mention top reasons why you should use a foldable electric wheelchair!

  1. Easy Transport

Due to the easy folding design of the wheelchair, it makes it easy for the wheelchair to be easily folded, loaded onto a vehicle and transported to different locations. This means that you need not worry if you have to take your old aged family members (like your grandparents) to an event somewhere, it can be easily done.

  1. Simple Storage

Easy folding also means that the backrest can be easily folded to fit in an SUV, car trunk or minivan. It can easily be stored in airplanes or cruise ship cargo holds.

  1. Batteries and Performance

Electric wheelchairs have rechargeable batteries that can be easily removed while disassembling. The batteries are of a standard small size making it easy-to-use; they are usually found in pairs with 12 volts each, providing a total of 24 volts due to the series connection. This provides enough power to undertake long commutes and must be recharged again, once it’s fully drained. With such an emf, the battery range can be anywhere from 10 to 25 miles. While this is the advertised distance, it is not always certain that distance within this range will be achieved. Usually, a smaller distance is traveled depending on the weight of the user, age of batteries, number slopes that are climbed and condition of the power wheelchair.

  1. Seating

One type of electric wheelchair, the power wheelchair, offers multiple seating options. The customizable options include seat and back cushions and electric tilt and recline. Padded seats become a necessity when you require positioning devices for trunk control and stability whereas, electric tilt and recline is advantageous if you have limited ability to reposition yourself in the wheelchair.

  1. For Every Surface

Your journeys are not restricted to a smooth surface but extend to rougher and tougher terrain. Electric wheelchairs are designed to be able to give a comfortable ride, regardless of the terrain. This is made possible by the different types of tires and wheel types. The most effective form of wheel alignment is the rear wheel drive, which the large wheel is attached at the back and the smaller ones attached to the front, enabling an easy ride indoors and outdoors.

  1. Available in Numerous Designs

Electric wheelchairs come in a variety of options ranging from 1000$ to 10,000$. You can buy the one which fulfills all types of needs. A few types of electric wheelchairs include:

  • Invacare Pronto P31 Power Wheelchair
  • Drive Medical Cirrus Plus Folding Power Wheelchair
  • Karman 18 Inch Full Power Stand Up Chair with Companion Controller
  • Foldawheel PW-1000XL Power Chair
  • EZ Lite Cruiser Heavy Duty (HD) Deluxe DX12
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